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Please read our 16T FEST vendor application entirely before continuing.

Your response has been recorded. Your Application must be accompanied with payment to be considered. Please submit a screenshot of your receipt and copies of all applicable licenses, permits, and certifications for your business or organization to The Equity Council Corp. at with your business name or organization in the subject line of your email. You may also contact us directly at 407-490-2902 for any questions or concerns you may have. By filling out our online form you have electronically signed and agreed to hold harmless The Equity Council Corp. and The City of Winter Park, its agents, employees, commissioners, contractors and assigns, from and against any and all liability, claims, demands, damages, expenses, fees, fines, penalties, suits, proceedings, actions and costs of actions, including attorneys’ fees for trial and on appeal, of any kind or nature for injury, damage or loss arising out of or in any way connected with this Agreement or Vendor’s use of the space(s), sale of goods or conduct of business by Vendor, its agents, servants, employees, customers, patrons or invitees or any act or omission of Vendor, its agents, servants, employees, customers, patrons or invitees in connection with the 1619Fest Orlando. All vendor fees are non-refundable. The vendor is responsible for all monies collected from the sale of the Vendor’s goods. The Equity Council Corp., the City of Winter Park, the 1619Fest Coordinators, and all partners are in no way responsible for any lost or stolen monies or items. The collection of sales tax on Vendor’s sales, when required by the State, is the responsibility of the Vendor. Vendor assumes all costs arising from the use of patented, trademarked, or copyrighted materials, equipment devises, processes, or dramatic rights used on or incorporated in the conduct of any Vendor at or related to its operations at the 1619Fest Orlando in Historic Hannibal Square; and Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Equity Council Corp, the City of Winter Park, the 1619Fest Coordinator partners, its agents, employees, commissioners and assigns from all damages, costs, and expenses in law or equity for or on account of any patented, trademarked, or copyrighted materials, equipment, devices, processes, or dramatic rights furnished or used by Vendor in connection with this Agreement and will defend The Equity Council Corp, the City of Winter Park, the 1619Fest Coordinator and all partners from any such suit or action, regardless of whether it be groundless or fraudulent. This Agreement has been entered into in Orange County, Florida, and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Florida and venue for any action arising from this Agreement shall be Orange County, Florida. This Agreement may not be modified or amended except by a writing signed by the parties. If you need a written copy of this electronic agreement one will only be given at the request of the Vendor.


-Fresh Produce
-Cultural Wear and Jewelry
-Art and Handcrafted items
-Body Butters, Oils, and Essential Self Care Items
-Various Primary Small Vendors (book vendors and vendors of various small valuable household items)
-Bakery Items or Close Container Food Vending
-Open Container Vending
-Nonprofit Organizations, including Watoto Children's Market (limited spaces available)
-Small scale horticultural items (house plants, flowers, seedlings for the garden, herbs)

Space is assigned upon approval for Open Public Forum, exhibit, entertainment, demonstration, and promotion. No more than two primary small vendors may utilize the Market at one given time. Secondary items must cover an area no greater than 25% of the total display space assigned to the vendor. All applications must be completed in their entirety.

All vendor payments must be paid online.VENDOR PAYMENT WILL "NOT" BE REFUNDED***IF  YOUR VENDOR APPLICATION IS DENIED, REFUND OR VENDOR CREDIT MAY BE ISSUED WITHIN 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS. The SOKO Marketplace operates rain or shine except if there is lightning or severe weather conditions.Neither, The Equity Council Corp. nor The City of Winter Park is not responsible for stolen, damaged, or weather ruined goods. The vendor assumes all risk and liability for damaged goods.Business and product insurance is highly recommended.Hannibal Square residents residing in the CRA will be given priority consideration and are subject to marketplace approval.

Please Note: At times, during severe weather conditions, we may be permitted to continue our marketplace inside the Winter Park Community Center. This weather contingency decision can only be made by management at the Winter Park Community Center due to scheduling and space availability. We advised all SOKO Marketplace vendors to purchase a tent with zipper sides for the best protection against the elements. At this time, this specific tent type is "not" a requirement but a suggestion for a worst-case severe weather scenario to participate at The SOKO Marketplace. When purchasing or upgrading your vendor tent, please use the example below to plan accordingly for vending in all weather conditions.

***PLEASE NOTE CONCESSIONAIRES/ FOOD VENDORS: (Additional municipality may apply)

All Food Vendors must adhere to the following additional cost and restrictions that must be complete before applying. Please submit the certification to the City of Winter Park with your application for approval and consideration.

-Close Container Selling Permit is an additional $25 per sales day per sales station paid to the City of Winter Park, FL. For example, (Prepackaged commercially available non-alcoholic beverages, snacks such as candy, chips, muffins, and the like as regulated by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.)

-Open Container Selling Permit is an additional $50 per sales day per sales station paid to the City of Winter Park, FL. An example: (Prepared food of any sort that requires cooking or sales of foods as defined by the
Department of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations and include but are not limited to the sale of foods that require refrigeration such as sandwiches, meats, etc.)

The municipal form can be found at:

**State Food Safety Standards are strictly enforced; please plan accordingly.

If you have any additional questions, please be assured that the online application is completed in its entirety, and give us a call at 407-490-2902. Please make sure you leave a voicemail. You can also email us at Thank You.

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